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Atarashii Sutato (Chapter 5)

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As I landed on the ground, I immediately took my stance. The ground was shaking badly, but there was no sign of any monster or beast or whatever is stalking us(meaning me, Gunter and Arawin). I took a three-sixty glance around me, but still there was nothing. Maybe in terms of education, I lack. But in terms of battle, I can get an A+ anytime. Ground? Shaking? It's so obvious. It must be underneath me. I waited long enough to sense the direction of the beast. It was doing circles around me. I bet he(referring to the beast) is just waiting for me to take the first move. But I'm no fool. Suddenly, his direction was headed towards me. I waited until he was right beneath me, and leaped to the side with all my strength."Heh," I giggled. This wasn't so hard to dodge. But, unfortunately, my luck just ran out.

The so-called beast DID come out from beneath me, but the problem was, it wasn't your normal car-sized beast. It was an over-sized monster truck sized(why the repetition?LOL =p) beast. The conclusion? I got hit by the beast's big body. I got thrown quite a few meters away than where I intended to land, but I managed to land on my feet.

"Woah!" I shouted.

It(the monster) had two long and sharp tusks tinted black. It looked like it could pierce through almost anything. If I was hit by that, well, I don't want to talk about it. It crawled on four of it's feet, but it could also stand on two feet. It's body was well built, like it's been doing push-ups, pull-ups, and all those other body building exercises for the rest of it's life. Ignore the six packs, it had TWELVE packs! On it's back, from the head until the tail, was something you could call hair dyed in red. For the face, it looked like an angry wolf. Something tells me if I didn't take it seriously, I could go to heaven early. Yes, it was the legendary Behemoth. A nasty creature that lurked under the plains of the Calm Plains. Seriously, why do people even call these plains the Calm Plains? I don't get it.

"RAAAARGHH!!" the Behemoth launched it's first attack, the classic, claw strike. I leaped up into the air, dodging it's first attack, but a second was coming right after that. Another claw strike with it's left hand, or feet, or whatever. I kicked into the air and leaped higher, successfully dodging it's second attack. I flipped in the air and kicked the air once again, darting straight towards the head of the beast. The beast opened it's mouth, revealing a blinding light within it. A blinding light? This couldn't be something good. Unexpectedly, it shot a fire blast from it's mouth. Wow! This beast's good!

"Surasshu o Maku.." I whispered. I launched a wide left to right slash, and an overwhelming wind force came out from my sword. The powerful force of wind rushed forward, clashing against the fire blast mano o mano. As the both elements clashed, the wind force sliced through the fire blast like it was just onion skin. The fire blast was cut into two and it dissipated into thin air.

"Raaaarghh..!!" the beast roared in hurt. Amazingly, the wind force flew straight to the beast's head and inflicted a direct hit. That's a touch down for me! Way to go, Juss!

"Heh.. Behemoth or not, nobody's gonna take me down." I muttered.

It's tusks were glowing. The Behemoth didn't just stay still waiting for my next assault, it unexpectedly gave me an all-out assault. It roared heavily, echoing vastly through the unending sky. It's roar was VERY ear-hurting, you know. I bet even Michael Jackson would stop moon-walking after hearing such a roar. Anyway, the beast went thrashing around without any battle strategies. Could it even make a battle strategy? It's a beast, so of course not. I simply dodged all of it's thrashing in a paper thin margin with a smile. After three of it's consecutive thrashes, I landed a clean slash to it's rear legs. The slash was clean but quite deep, because mere cuts won't give any effect to big monsters. I had to do it.

"Rrrrrrrrrrrrr..." the beast groaned. Without it's rear legs, it couldn't gain balance of its body. It was done for. Goodbye, Behemoth.

Out of the blue, and I mean, from the sky, I saw a small stone heading towards us(me and Behemoth). Huh? Who's playing stone-throwing in this place? This is not a a place for kids playing stone-throwing. But, the stone was very suspicious. I think like I've seen it before in Final Fantasy 8. Uh-oh..

"Juss!! Don't just stand there!! Run!! It's a meteor!!" Arawin shouted from the jeep.

Now, I know why I've seen it before, and now I know why the beast's tusks were glowing. It was casting that spell. I should have known earlier. Well, it's too late for that. As I was about to run towards the jeep, the Behemoth successively grabbed me with it's claws. Damn it! I wasn't paying attention enough. This is all Arawin's fault, shouting all of a sudden. The small stone that was actually a meteor was coming closer and closer, getting bigger and bigger every second. I may be strong, but I can't take a meteor head on. That's crazy.

"Juss!! Hurry up!! Crimson Hound's waiting!! Don't take too long!!" Arawing beamed.

"Shut up! I know what I'm doing." I exclaimed. "Masamune, let's dance," I whispered.

Within seconds, my sword, Masamune, turned black and was covered with dark aura.

"Justin, you shouldn't be using that.." Gunter said.

In the blink of an eye, I was already free from the claws of the Behemoth, and my whole body was already stained...with blood. The Behemoth's hand that caught me was sliced into pieces. It didn't have a hand anymore. The hand was gone. Without hesitation, a bolted straight towards the jeep.
The meteor? I'm estimating it would land in a few seconds time. Gunter pressed on the gas and went full speed ahead. As the meteor landed, it caused a powerful BOOM in a wide radius. The Behemoth couldn't have survived that. The force emitted by the powerful crash of the meteor was far enough, it gave a slight shake to the jeep, but it barely hurt us.

"Justin, you shouldn't have used that technique," Gunter advised.

"Who cares. I'm the one fighting, not you," I replied.

"Hehe.. It's just like you, Justin,"

I stared aimlessly into the blue sky. The winds were blowing opposite of our direction. The sun was emitting hot rays towards us, like it was staring at us. What is this? Is this a sign? Is it telling us to go back? No way. I must be daydreaming. So, we continued our long journey towards the town where rain never stops, Trallyn.

To be continued...

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