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Atarashii Sutato Characters : Justin

Somehow i thought of drawing the characters of my story. That wouldn't make the character too subjective in terms of appearance. So, the one ure seeing here is the main character, Justin. Yes, he's just ure ordinary swordsman. I made his hair like that coz i like that kind of hair. Seriously. I wish I had that kind of hair. LOL.. Please comment!! =D

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Atarashii Sutato 4....

if u were wondering what that title means, it is "a new start 4".. so, that entirely means this just a continuation of the previous chapters..i'd like to call 'em chapters coz its easier.. if u hadn't read the previous ones, below here are the links..

1st Chapter :

2nd Chapter :

3rd Chapter :


Wait! Don't tell me. I know what you're thinking. You must be thinking about the girl I met(well, I didn't actually meet her) the other day, right? Well, tough luck. I don't know a clue about her thanks to my buddies. So, let's move on, shall we?

"Justin, be on your guard. You know it's not safe here." Arawin exclaimed.

"Uh-huh..? Yeah, I know.. We're in THAT place, right? No wonder it's so quiet." I said.

"Okay, guys. While I'm driving, and you both are watching, let me tell you what we're REALLY after." Gunter spouted.
Gunter made that serious look on his face, again, and started talking. "I had some chat with the priests in the temple of the previous town. Those priests were wicked! Wow! And I thought only the naughty girls were cute, but the pure ones were totally on the next level! If only I could spend some time---OWWWIEE..WHAT WAS THAT FOR??" I knocked his head with the hilt of my katana.

"We're after the C.H, remember? Not the priests. Sigh..." I beamed. Gunter regained his composure and started talking, seriously this time. "Sorry guys. I got a little carried away by their beauty. Their cute puppy dog eyes. The smooth hair texture they had. The---HEY! TRYING TO KILL ME? ARE YOU??" I pointed the tip of my katana at his throat.

"Yeah, I am. Unless you stop that meaningless talk about 'cute priests' of yours." I claimed.

"Sheesh! Fine! I can't even talk about girls. So what are interested in? Boys? Are you gay? Hahaha.. Ehem.. Just kidding.. Sorry Juss(short for Justin)..Okay, I'll start the business meeting." Finally. He's starting. "The priests said something about a Divine Staff, a so-powerful staff that could like, uhh, destroy aaaa... Well, I don't know. But, it's seriously powerful. But, it's actual use is to open a seal created by the legendary Vivi(It's the name of a powerful black mage. Don't laugh). Nobody knows what that black mage sealed, but it must be something scary."

"So, what does it have to do with C.H?" I interrupted.

"Hold your horses, samurai. I'm getting to that part. So, the Crimson Hound actually met the cute and innocent priests before us and asked them about the Divine Staff. He didn't actually tell them why he wanted to know about the Divine Staff, but it's obvious that he's going after it. His intentions? No one knows. But, it's dangerous if we were going to just let that guy get hold of that staff."

"Wait a minute! Hold on! Gunter, I'm not interested in saving the world or humanity or anything like that. It's too naive. We're just three ordinary travelers from about billions of people. Why would Crimson Hound want to destroy the world, anyway? He lives in it. I just want to know where he is, and get even." I muttered.

"Hehehe.. That's just like you. I don't care too, though. So, he's heading to Trallyn to get more info on the Divine Staff. The priests said so, because that town's a mystical place. Always raining. Weird. Always wet. If you don't have an umbrella, you would be soaked each time you leaved house. The cute priests would also be wet and I'll be there to shelter them from the heavy rain and.." Gunter continued blabbering.

Yes. Finally, I'll be able to meet C.H and get even with him. The last time I crossed swords with him, was 5 years ago. I was still weak. I couldn't do anything. I was worthless. He didn't even break a sweat while I was just a step away from the doors of death. Damn it! Why was I so weak? I couldn't even protect the ones I loved. Mother. Father. I'm sorry. I'll avenge your deaths. I'll kill Crimson Hound for sure. Crimson Hound. The one who ruined my life. The one who ruined everything.

RRRAAAAAAARRRGGHHH...!!!!! Suddenly, our jeep experienced a great tremble. This is no ordinary tremor, this is something much greater.

"Uh-oh, Juss. Looks like you've got a guest." Gunter beamed.

"Hehe.." I smiled. I flashed out my katana and jumped out of the jeep.


To be continued... How was this chapter? I'm hoping for comment to know whether its good or not. Thanx for reading! =D

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a new start 3...

this is a continuation from the "a new start...continue" which is the second part of this short(is it short?) story. if u haven't read the previous ones, please read it in the link below here:

A new start(First Part) :

A new start(Second Part) :


"Justin?? Is that you??" the voice of an unknown person entered my ears from afar. I could sense it was just about 10 meters away. Is that far? Anyway, it sounded like a girl's voice, and if my intuition was correct, it sounded like a very cute girl's voice. Is this my lucky day? Get a life, Justin. There's no way a girl would ever fall for you. I turned to the direction where the voice came from, and I couldn't believe what I saw. She was a knockout. She wore a plain white robe, covering her body from top to bottom. She didn't wear any accessories except for a necklace that didn't even look expensive. I'm guessing it may be a memento of her mother or so. No make-up, no nothing. I'm guessing she didn't want to get any attention, because if she did, she would be Miss Universe by now. Hey, what would you do if a super cute girl just called out your name like she knew you since little? Isn't it obvious? Run straight into her arms!

"JUSTIN!! What have you done??!!" Arawin called. Ugh.. Why does it have to be now? Did I mention to you that I had another traveling partner named Arawin? Well, if I didn't, now I did. So no complaining. Arawin and Gunter each grabbed my arms and pulled me away from the scene. They dragged me to a corner behind a ramen shop(why does it have to be a ramen shop?) and started the Q&A(Questions and Answers) game. Hey! I have a date with a super cute girl can't you guys see?? Hey! Wait! Unfortunately, the girl turned and walked away with puppy dog eyes. Lady Luck, where are you when I need you?

"What did you just do??" a question from Gunter.

"Uhh---" an answer from me.

"Don't you realize the trouble you caused me??" a question from Arawin.

"Wait. It's not o---," what I managed to answer.

"You caused a riot and now we didn't even get any information on the Black Hound!" Gunter asked. Wait. Was that even a question? He broke the rule!

"Aaaargh..!!" I struggled and finally broke free from their clutches of evil. I leaped back and reached my blade. Gunter and Arawin took a few steps back. I darted straight towards Arawin and jumped into the air while doing a three-sixty vertical spin, and landed with a downward slash, directly targeting his skull. As I thought, this cheap trick wouldn't harm him. He took a sidestep to the right, dodging my slash entirely. I smiled.

"Heh.. Done showing-off?" Arawin blurted.

"Yeah, I'm done," I answered.

Gunter approached us and filled me in the details. I mean, the information they were able to require from that town involving the Crimson Hound. Sheeesh. Why didn't they say it earlier? First, they abandoned me in the bar. Second, they didn't even help me when I was surrounded by that angry mob. I saw them just standing a few meters away from the scene, drinking water while watching me get my butt kicked. Third, now they are blaming me for starting that huge ruckus. Are they really my friends?

"Okay, about the Crimson Hound, do you guys mind if I call him C.H. instead? It's a lot shorter and easier to say." Gunter spouted. Arawin and I just gave him a sigh. "Great! Okay now, bla bla bla bla.......," Sigh. Gunter talks too much. All I can hear is "Okay now" and "we have to bla bla bla...," After a few minutes talking, Gunter grabbed both Arawin's and mine's shoulders and said with a face full of excitement..

"Next stop, Trallyn : The Town of Everlasting Rain."

To be continued....

What do you think?Was this chapter okay?Comment and I'll see what I can do in the future..=)

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a new start.....continue

This is a continuation from "a new start". So, if you want to read from the start, you can read it here
Thanks for reading.. =)

continue from "a new start"

Have you ever had the feeling when the winds start blowing your hair, and single strands of your hair cover your line of sight, then you hear a sort of kind of harmonious music that makes you say "hey, I've heard this song when I was in diapers!" and you feel very calm like a new born baby. If you ever had this feeling, believe me, the situation I was in was the real OPPOSITE of that.

DUSH! The sound of impact between two solids because liquids and gasses can't make that sort of sound. Finally, the wind started blowing at my face. I fell to the ground, not knowing what happened. All I could hear was people laughing in such a high pitch. My vision was blurred. But I managed to get back on my feet. I gazed stright into Mr. Bronzy's eyes and asked something stupid, I guess.

"Mr. Bronzy, what happened just now? Suddenly my vision was blurred and I fell on the ground, and I didn't have a clue what happened. Wow! Talk about weird. Sigh,"

Everyone started gazing at me. Before, they were just staring, now they're gazing. It's different. Gazing is much more intimidating, and scary. Mr. Bronzy's face changed too. It looked a bit unpleasant than before. Out of the blue, Mr. Bronzy drew his bronze sword and slashed in my direction. Was there something on my shirt that he hated so much he had to tear it to pieces? or was I just in the way of his real target? Is this guy for real? He might hurt me. Or even worse, kill me. Anyway, I had to do something to get out of his way so that he doesn't miss his real target. I took a sidestep to the left, and the sword just passed me with a paper thin margin.

"Hmm..?" I blurted. I don't know why, but everyone's facial expression changed from bad to ugly. But it was like a really puzzled look. What did I do?

"He dodged Kruez's slash!" someone shouted. Then the situation turned ugly. Everyone was murmuring about some kind of stuff. I heard something like "How did he do that?" and "Who is that guy?" Are they talking about me? Wait a minute. Slash? Dodge? It's just like in a real battle. But why in this place? I don't see anyone fighting. Or maybe---

"Take this! DAMN YOU!" Mr. Bronzy cracked. He executed another slash. Based on the direction of his slash, it was from my right shoulder down to my left knee. This time I was ready. I did a side-flip to the left, evading his assault. I really hate fights, but somehow everybody likes to pick fights with me. Maybe I have this so-called aura that makes people feel like picking fights with me. Haha. Just kidding.

Mr. Bronzy regained his balance and charged towards me. I thought it was kind of stupid to charge into someone like that, without even identifying his weak spots or so. I carved a sinister smile. My blood was pumping. Adrenaline rushed rapidly throughout my body. This thrill, this sensation, this feeling. Yes, it was the same time when I crossed swords with the Crimson Hound. That was the last time I crossed swords with anyone. I reached my blade, and unsheathed it, Ittou-Ryu Style (One-Sword Style).

My weapon was a Japanese katana carved with dragon patterns on the hilt. The hilt was dark blue in color. As Mr. Bronzy charged in, I took a sidestep to the right and executed a wide slash from the left to the right. As I expected, he managed to block it with his sword. "So, your quite skilled, stranger." he beamed. Wasn't that supposed to be my line? Whatever. From then onwards, the fight was a serious one. He was on the offense while I was on the defense. I didn't want to be on the offense. It could be fatal.

"Look! He's smiling!" a person from the crowd shouted. He was probably talking about me. The truth is, I loved battles more than anyone. It was my flesh.

In a flash, everything ended. My sword was stained with blood. Mr. Bronzy? Well, now I think I should call him Mr. Reddy. He was down on the floor, blood flowing from his arms and legs. He was still breathing. Well, of course. I wouldn't kill small fries. It would dishonor this sword of mine. Everyone still stared at me. Out of the blue, a knife came flying towards my face. I simply dodged it with just a simple head movement. Cheap tricks won't work against me.

The men in the bar looked pretty unpleased of what I did to Mr. Reddy. Then, all of them started charging at me. It wasn't a good idea to fight in such a small place. I ran outside to the streets to get more space. The ugly men were a lot more in numbers than I expected. I was surrounded. In times like these, the best chance they've got was to attack me simultaneously while finding any openings. Wait a minute! This was supposed to be their strategy, not mine. Sigh...

"I'll kill you, stranger!" an angry man shouted while charging at me. Before he could even take three steps from his original position, I was already beside him. That's one down. Talking about battle strategies, when you are surrounded, it's best you don't wait for them to attack you. Instead, you hunt them down first.

I dashed and slashed from person to person, while dodging all of their attacks. They were an angry mob, so it was easy to dodge their attacks, and they also had a high killing intent, which made it much easier dodging. After a minute, everything came to a stop. There was only one person standing. He must be quite strong, to be the only one standing in the middle of fallen men. I knew that man. Yes, I knew him. It was me, Justin.

To be continued.....

How do you like it? I can't really comment on my own story. So, it's up to you readers to comment my story, whether it's good or not or what I can do to improve it. Please comment! Arigatou gozaimas! (=

a new start...

VROOOOOM...!!! The sound of an engine starting. Yes, this smell, this aroma in the cool breeze. Another day for another great adventure. NOT! Everyday was always the same, traveling from place to place on a piece of junk. I mean, something like a junk but it's not. It's just an old jeep we found in the middle of nowhere. Well, it wouldn't be called junk if it wasn't found in the middle of nowhere. Anyway, we found a way to fix it(actually, I just kicked it) and the engine started. Even though I'm complaining about this piece of junk, I'm really indebted to it. I didn't have to walk with my bare feet anymore. What an ungrateful jerk I am, don't you think?

The pleasant wind was landing on my face, and I had to say thank you(damn wind). Radiance from the eye of heaven traveled so far it went into my eyes, blinding me(I hate you, sun). The harsh desert also gave me a hard time because I often bit my tongue every time I talked(that's why I hate deserts).

"HEY! JUSTIN! (it's not Justin Bieber, okay?) QUIT DAYDREAMING WILL YOU??! WE"RE HERE..!!" a friend of mine, Gunter, beamed.

"Oh, yeah. Okay. Sorry about that." I replied.

"It's okay. Anyway, we've arrived. Let's go check the bar. There might be some useful information we can get. You lead the way, Justin."

"Why do I have to lead the way, again?"

"Well, if the people in the bar are quite unfriendly, you'll be the first for them to greet. Hehe.."

"Whatever, let's do this."

I walked gently towards the streets. Where is the bar, anyway? I kept walking along the streets, with my sword sheathed on my side. Despite the fact that I don't know where the bar is, I managed to find it in quite a short time. WHY? Because Gunter parked the jeep just in front of it. Only a fool couldn't see it. I reached my right hand at the entrance door, and pushed it gently. NOT! I kicked it as hard as I could and charged in. As I took my first step in, all eyes were on me. Suddenly, I felt this cold chill. It was like I was being watched a thousand demonic eyes. That was exactly not good. No worry, my friends were right behind me.

"Gunter, let's come inside and get a be-----," How could they do this to me? My friends were gone. This is seriously not good. A tall, middle-aged man stood from his seat and approached me. He had black hair, with a moustache. He wore a tattered bronze armor with a full set of bronze gauntlets, grieves and also a sword. If I was his mom, I'd call him Bronzy. But, I wasn't.

"What the hell are you doing here, fry?" Mr. Bronzy asked.

"I'm here to find information on the Crimson Hound. Do you happen to know anything about it? Even a little information would be helpful. Please and thank you!" I carved an idiotic smile.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....!!!!" the WHOLE bar laughed. I could have swore
the magnitude of their laugh was so high, my cat would've laughed along with them.

To Be Continued.......maybe... =p

How was the story? I mean the story above here. Was it interesting? Did it make you want to read more and more? This was just a test drive. I wanted to try and write like a short story or something. Please comment. I might continue the story based on the comments... =)

I have already written the continuation of this story. Please take your time to read and comment. THANKS!!

continue :

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who is it THIS time?

yes..i drew another picture of a boy..who is it?well, i think u should already know by now bcoz this guy is seriously FAMOUS.. yes! u've guessed it! its CLOUD STRIFE of FINAL FANTASY VII..!!!!

(p/s: if u didnt recognize him at first sight, it must be that my drawing was to0 ugly or u didnt even know a s*** abt this guy..) -___-"

comments of the sketch are VERY recommended..=p

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i'm trying something new, that is.. u must have already guessed it.. using coloured words..LOL..
ok... last year, i went to the Comic Fiesta on December.. and i bought a few sketch books.. WOW i say...coz i bought two with the price of RM6 each and got another one
free.. WOW i say.. What a good business i had there.. Here are a few sketches that i drew in the sketch book.. i took shots of it from a few angles on purpose.. i REALLY hope u guyz comment on my drawings.. coz i need to know whether my drawing is good or bad.. and what i need to do to improve it..ok..thanx!! ^___^


there is one friend o'mine said that i always drew the same stuff that is, BOYS.. well, maybe its coz im a boy... wait a minute... 'aint that quite wrong? boys should like to draw the other gender... hey, im not gay... NO WAY... anyway, this one below here is a girl(obviously)... and i dunno if its good enough to be called KAWAII that is cute... c'mon, give some comments...
as u can see, there are two shots(pictures)...just so u can see more uhh.. more clearly...ok..dun 4get to comment! arigatou gozaimasu!! (^^,)

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Hope/Harapan Project..failure..=(

this time...its another sketch..first, i wanna ask u fellow readers right now, should i only publish drawings? or maybe should i say something else like...well, i dunno...or do i mumble to0 much?LOL...anyway..keep reading..

this sketch(or should i use drawing?) on your bottom(its actually just below this paragraph..) is a drawing(or maybe
sketch?) was done a few weeks ago(i think)...i originally planned to submit this to the Comic Fiesta Hope/Harapan Project...its like a project to help Japan overcoming their crisis right now in terms of funds...we, like, submit our art and then it will be compiled with other peoples arts and then be made into an art book to be sold to..uhhh..whoever they want..really..

i thought of editing it first using photoshop...but i didnt really know how i should edit it took a lot of my time...and i was quite busy at the moment...preparing for my JPA interview and so, lastly...when i wanted to submit it, i saw the due date was actually 26/3/2011...and dude, i realized it just last, go0dbye to submitting it to Comic Fiesta...but, hello to my new blog here! plz comment! (=

just doing something beneficial...=)

Hello..i'm new in this blogging field(it's a field,right?)..i've never really thought of making one before because i thought it was there wasnt really anything that i wanted to say or show to anyone else..but somehow i managed to make this one because a certain someone said that i should or publish my sketches to know, to get feedback from others so that i can always improve my sketching(or maybe drawing is more suitable?)..anyway..have a look and feel free to comment..but PLEASE dont be too harsh..i dont know if my heart could take it..LOL =)

This drawing or sketch below(oh wait, its on the left..LOL) here was done quite a long time ago(i think its only been a month or so..)..its just a small piece from the real whole one...i just drew it with my own imagination and NO, i DID NOT copy or take any reference from another anime or manga...if it does look like any other anime or manga, it must be a coincidence because i like to randomly draw the hair...ok...ENJOY... =)