Sunday, April 24, 2011

a new start...

VROOOOOM...!!! The sound of an engine starting. Yes, this smell, this aroma in the cool breeze. Another day for another great adventure. NOT! Everyday was always the same, traveling from place to place on a piece of junk. I mean, something like a junk but it's not. It's just an old jeep we found in the middle of nowhere. Well, it wouldn't be called junk if it wasn't found in the middle of nowhere. Anyway, we found a way to fix it(actually, I just kicked it) and the engine started. Even though I'm complaining about this piece of junk, I'm really indebted to it. I didn't have to walk with my bare feet anymore. What an ungrateful jerk I am, don't you think?

The pleasant wind was landing on my face, and I had to say thank you(damn wind). Radiance from the eye of heaven traveled so far it went into my eyes, blinding me(I hate you, sun). The harsh desert also gave me a hard time because I often bit my tongue every time I talked(that's why I hate deserts).

"HEY! JUSTIN! (it's not Justin Bieber, okay?) QUIT DAYDREAMING WILL YOU??! WE"RE HERE..!!" a friend of mine, Gunter, beamed.

"Oh, yeah. Okay. Sorry about that." I replied.

"It's okay. Anyway, we've arrived. Let's go check the bar. There might be some useful information we can get. You lead the way, Justin."

"Why do I have to lead the way, again?"

"Well, if the people in the bar are quite unfriendly, you'll be the first for them to greet. Hehe.."

"Whatever, let's do this."

I walked gently towards the streets. Where is the bar, anyway? I kept walking along the streets, with my sword sheathed on my side. Despite the fact that I don't know where the bar is, I managed to find it in quite a short time. WHY? Because Gunter parked the jeep just in front of it. Only a fool couldn't see it. I reached my right hand at the entrance door, and pushed it gently. NOT! I kicked it as hard as I could and charged in. As I took my first step in, all eyes were on me. Suddenly, I felt this cold chill. It was like I was being watched a thousand demonic eyes. That was exactly not good. No worry, my friends were right behind me.

"Gunter, let's come inside and get a be-----," How could they do this to me? My friends were gone. This is seriously not good. A tall, middle-aged man stood from his seat and approached me. He had black hair, with a moustache. He wore a tattered bronze armor with a full set of bronze gauntlets, grieves and also a sword. If I was his mom, I'd call him Bronzy. But, I wasn't.

"What the hell are you doing here, fry?" Mr. Bronzy asked.

"I'm here to find information on the Crimson Hound. Do you happen to know anything about it? Even a little information would be helpful. Please and thank you!" I carved an idiotic smile.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....!!!!" the WHOLE bar laughed. I could have swore
the magnitude of their laugh was so high, my cat would've laughed along with them.

To Be Continued.......maybe... =p

How was the story? I mean the story above here. Was it interesting? Did it make you want to read more and more? This was just a test drive. I wanted to try and write like a short story or something. Please comment. I might continue the story based on the comments... =)

I have already written the continuation of this story. Please take your time to read and comment. THANKS!!

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  1. pendek la ni..baru bpe mkesrt..klu novel lg pnjg..

  2. anyway..thanx for reading!! =)

  3. best ! ayat pun best !
    tapi setakat ni story line dia kabur lagi . hehe
    and maybe nak buat orang teruja nak baca , kena bagi gambaran sikit supaya orang tahu apa cerita ni dan terbayang2 n tertanya2 apa jadi next .
    hihu , sorry kalau harsh sangat . but still good writing :)

  4. hmm..cmtu eh..thnx for the advice..xpe..xharsh pon..

  5. ohoi~ "eye of heaven" ke "eye of the heaven" check balek hahaha~

  6. maulana : eye of heaven..btol la..
    mystery man : syukran2...

  7. erm, terlalu kuat dengan keindahan bahasa..., tp okay la sbg permulaan cerita, tp jgn bnyk sgt, nnt pembaca akan mula rs ngantok(mcm novel karya F.T).....