Tuesday, April 19, 2011


i'm trying something new, that is.. u must have already guessed it.. using coloured words..LOL..
ok... last year, i went to the Comic Fiesta on December.. and i bought a few sketch books.. WOW i say...coz i bought two with the price of RM6 each and got another one
free.. WOW i say.. What a good business i had there.. Here are a few sketches that i drew in the sketch book.. i took shots of it from a few angles on purpose.. i REALLY hope u guyz comment on my drawings.. coz i need to know whether my drawing is good or bad.. and what i need to do to improve it..ok..thanx!! ^___^


  1. hurm, kau lukis ade teknik or ko main lukis je?

  2. ehem..im glad u asked..kalo tgk gambo yg ats tuh, nmpk x ade line2 kt muke die tu?aha..itu gune teknik la tu..nk pastikan die punye muke tu balance..i hope that covers ur question..LOL =p

  3. pergh pandai gle ko lukis.. ni yg ak dengki nih.. ak lukis cikai jer, ce la tgk kat blog ak camne ak lukis... hahaha