Friday, April 15, 2011

just doing something beneficial...=)

Hello..i'm new in this blogging field(it's a field,right?)..i've never really thought of making one before because i thought it was there wasnt really anything that i wanted to say or show to anyone else..but somehow i managed to make this one because a certain someone said that i should or publish my sketches to know, to get feedback from others so that i can always improve my sketching(or maybe drawing is more suitable?)..anyway..have a look and feel free to comment..but PLEASE dont be too harsh..i dont know if my heart could take it..LOL =)

This drawing or sketch below(oh wait, its on the left..LOL) here was done quite a long time ago(i think its only been a month or so..)..its just a small piece from the real whole one...i just drew it with my own imagination and NO, i DID NOT copy or take any reference from another anime or manga...if it does look like any other anime or manga, it must be a coincidence because i like to randomly draw the hair...ok...ENJOY... =)

1 comment:

  1. its nice.. i like your drawing( is my english correct?)