Friday, April 15, 2011

Hope/Harapan Project..failure..=(

this time...its another sketch..first, i wanna ask u fellow readers right now, should i only publish drawings? or maybe should i say something else like...well, i dunno...or do i mumble to0 much?LOL...anyway..keep reading..

this sketch(or should i use drawing?) on your bottom(its actually just below this paragraph..) is a drawing(or maybe
sketch?) was done a few weeks ago(i think)...i originally planned to submit this to the Comic Fiesta Hope/Harapan Project...its like a project to help Japan overcoming their crisis right now in terms of funds...we, like, submit our art and then it will be compiled with other peoples arts and then be made into an art book to be sold to..uhhh..whoever they want..really..

i thought of editing it first using photoshop...but i didnt really know how i should edit it took a lot of my time...and i was quite busy at the moment...preparing for my JPA interview and so, lastly...when i wanted to submit it, i saw the due date was actually 26/3/2011...and dude, i realized it just last, go0dbye to submitting it to Comic Fiesta...but, hello to my new blog here! plz comment! (=


  1. im da first! hha..
    bule tahan...
    chnge layout..
    lyout nie mcm sdeh pun..
    hee ,

  2. ha..ok..fam..komen la

  3. 0uh,k..
    2 pic jeh?
    mna pic gurl cute? hhe.
    btw,not bad ar.
    pic ats ni xbpa sharp..
    pndai la aku komen..geh2

  4. oo nak komen yer.... nah amik ni komen ak: perlu sedikit warna, kah3

  5. hahahaha~
    klo ad button LIKE,
    for sure ak like komen atas nie.
    chill! :D