Wednesday, April 20, 2011

who is it THIS time?

yes..i drew another picture of a boy..who is it?well, i think u should already know by now bcoz this guy is seriously FAMOUS.. yes! u've guessed it! its CLOUD STRIFE of FINAL FANTASY VII..!!!!

(p/s: if u didnt recognize him at first sight, it must be that my drawing was to0 ugly or u didnt even know a s*** abt this guy..) -___-"

comments of the sketch are VERY recommended..=p


  1. ko punya cl0ud cute sgt..
    tambah2 kt mata..hehe
    cl0ud strife macho lgi..
    mata hazel, rmbut blonde..

  2. aha..tu la..xpe2..xnk serious sgt cloud nih..=p

  3. nasib baik ak xtau sape tu awan (cloud) strife...
    ha ni satu lg, ce ko padamkan word varification(btol ke eja camnih) time pengomen nak komen, malas la nak tulis prkataan ngarot tu...
    anyway, your grawing is very nice and cute!!