Monday, April 25, 2011

a new start 3...

this is a continuation from the "a new start...continue" which is the second part of this short(is it short?) story. if u haven't read the previous ones, please read it in the link below here:

A new start(First Part) :

A new start(Second Part) :


"Justin?? Is that you??" the voice of an unknown person entered my ears from afar. I could sense it was just about 10 meters away. Is that far? Anyway, it sounded like a girl's voice, and if my intuition was correct, it sounded like a very cute girl's voice. Is this my lucky day? Get a life, Justin. There's no way a girl would ever fall for you. I turned to the direction where the voice came from, and I couldn't believe what I saw. She was a knockout. She wore a plain white robe, covering her body from top to bottom. She didn't wear any accessories except for a necklace that didn't even look expensive. I'm guessing it may be a memento of her mother or so. No make-up, no nothing. I'm guessing she didn't want to get any attention, because if she did, she would be Miss Universe by now. Hey, what would you do if a super cute girl just called out your name like she knew you since little? Isn't it obvious? Run straight into her arms!

"JUSTIN!! What have you done??!!" Arawin called. Ugh.. Why does it have to be now? Did I mention to you that I had another traveling partner named Arawin? Well, if I didn't, now I did. So no complaining. Arawin and Gunter each grabbed my arms and pulled me away from the scene. They dragged me to a corner behind a ramen shop(why does it have to be a ramen shop?) and started the Q&A(Questions and Answers) game. Hey! I have a date with a super cute girl can't you guys see?? Hey! Wait! Unfortunately, the girl turned and walked away with puppy dog eyes. Lady Luck, where are you when I need you?

"What did you just do??" a question from Gunter.

"Uhh---" an answer from me.

"Don't you realize the trouble you caused me??" a question from Arawin.

"Wait. It's not o---," what I managed to answer.

"You caused a riot and now we didn't even get any information on the Black Hound!" Gunter asked. Wait. Was that even a question? He broke the rule!

"Aaaargh..!!" I struggled and finally broke free from their clutches of evil. I leaped back and reached my blade. Gunter and Arawin took a few steps back. I darted straight towards Arawin and jumped into the air while doing a three-sixty vertical spin, and landed with a downward slash, directly targeting his skull. As I thought, this cheap trick wouldn't harm him. He took a sidestep to the right, dodging my slash entirely. I smiled.

"Heh.. Done showing-off?" Arawin blurted.

"Yeah, I'm done," I answered.

Gunter approached us and filled me in the details. I mean, the information they were able to require from that town involving the Crimson Hound. Sheeesh. Why didn't they say it earlier? First, they abandoned me in the bar. Second, they didn't even help me when I was surrounded by that angry mob. I saw them just standing a few meters away from the scene, drinking water while watching me get my butt kicked. Third, now they are blaming me for starting that huge ruckus. Are they really my friends?

"Okay, about the Crimson Hound, do you guys mind if I call him C.H. instead? It's a lot shorter and easier to say." Gunter spouted. Arawin and I just gave him a sigh. "Great! Okay now, bla bla bla bla.......," Sigh. Gunter talks too much. All I can hear is "Okay now" and "we have to bla bla bla...," After a few minutes talking, Gunter grabbed both Arawin's and mine's shoulders and said with a face full of excitement..

"Next stop, Trallyn : The Town of Everlasting Rain."

To be continued....

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