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Atarashii Sutato 4....

if u were wondering what that title means, it is "a new start 4".. so, that entirely means this just a continuation of the previous chapters..i'd like to call 'em chapters coz its easier.. if u hadn't read the previous ones, below here are the links..

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Wait! Don't tell me. I know what you're thinking. You must be thinking about the girl I met(well, I didn't actually meet her) the other day, right? Well, tough luck. I don't know a clue about her thanks to my buddies. So, let's move on, shall we?

"Justin, be on your guard. You know it's not safe here." Arawin exclaimed.

"Uh-huh..? Yeah, I know.. We're in THAT place, right? No wonder it's so quiet." I said.

"Okay, guys. While I'm driving, and you both are watching, let me tell you what we're REALLY after." Gunter spouted.
Gunter made that serious look on his face, again, and started talking. "I had some chat with the priests in the temple of the previous town. Those priests were wicked! Wow! And I thought only the naughty girls were cute, but the pure ones were totally on the next level! If only I could spend some time---OWWWIEE..WHAT WAS THAT FOR??" I knocked his head with the hilt of my katana.

"We're after the C.H, remember? Not the priests. Sigh..." I beamed. Gunter regained his composure and started talking, seriously this time. "Sorry guys. I got a little carried away by their beauty. Their cute puppy dog eyes. The smooth hair texture they had. The---HEY! TRYING TO KILL ME? ARE YOU??" I pointed the tip of my katana at his throat.

"Yeah, I am. Unless you stop that meaningless talk about 'cute priests' of yours." I claimed.

"Sheesh! Fine! I can't even talk about girls. So what are interested in? Boys? Are you gay? Hahaha.. Ehem.. Just kidding.. Sorry Juss(short for Justin)..Okay, I'll start the business meeting." Finally. He's starting. "The priests said something about a Divine Staff, a so-powerful staff that could like, uhh, destroy aaaa... Well, I don't know. But, it's seriously powerful. But, it's actual use is to open a seal created by the legendary Vivi(It's the name of a powerful black mage. Don't laugh). Nobody knows what that black mage sealed, but it must be something scary."

"So, what does it have to do with C.H?" I interrupted.

"Hold your horses, samurai. I'm getting to that part. So, the Crimson Hound actually met the cute and innocent priests before us and asked them about the Divine Staff. He didn't actually tell them why he wanted to know about the Divine Staff, but it's obvious that he's going after it. His intentions? No one knows. But, it's dangerous if we were going to just let that guy get hold of that staff."

"Wait a minute! Hold on! Gunter, I'm not interested in saving the world or humanity or anything like that. It's too naive. We're just three ordinary travelers from about billions of people. Why would Crimson Hound want to destroy the world, anyway? He lives in it. I just want to know where he is, and get even." I muttered.

"Hehehe.. That's just like you. I don't care too, though. So, he's heading to Trallyn to get more info on the Divine Staff. The priests said so, because that town's a mystical place. Always raining. Weird. Always wet. If you don't have an umbrella, you would be soaked each time you leaved house. The cute priests would also be wet and I'll be there to shelter them from the heavy rain and.." Gunter continued blabbering.

Yes. Finally, I'll be able to meet C.H and get even with him. The last time I crossed swords with him, was 5 years ago. I was still weak. I couldn't do anything. I was worthless. He didn't even break a sweat while I was just a step away from the doors of death. Damn it! Why was I so weak? I couldn't even protect the ones I loved. Mother. Father. I'm sorry. I'll avenge your deaths. I'll kill Crimson Hound for sure. Crimson Hound. The one who ruined my life. The one who ruined everything.

RRRAAAAAAARRRGGHHH...!!!!! Suddenly, our jeep experienced a great tremble. This is no ordinary tremor, this is something much greater.

"Uh-oh, Juss. Looks like you've got a guest." Gunter beamed.

"Hehe.." I smiled. I flashed out my katana and jumped out of the jeep.


To be continued... How was this chapter? I'm hoping for comment to know whether its good or not. Thanx for reading! =D


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