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a new start.....continue

This is a continuation from "a new start". So, if you want to read from the start, you can read it here
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continue from "a new start"

Have you ever had the feeling when the winds start blowing your hair, and single strands of your hair cover your line of sight, then you hear a sort of kind of harmonious music that makes you say "hey, I've heard this song when I was in diapers!" and you feel very calm like a new born baby. If you ever had this feeling, believe me, the situation I was in was the real OPPOSITE of that.

DUSH! The sound of impact between two solids because liquids and gasses can't make that sort of sound. Finally, the wind started blowing at my face. I fell to the ground, not knowing what happened. All I could hear was people laughing in such a high pitch. My vision was blurred. But I managed to get back on my feet. I gazed stright into Mr. Bronzy's eyes and asked something stupid, I guess.

"Mr. Bronzy, what happened just now? Suddenly my vision was blurred and I fell on the ground, and I didn't have a clue what happened. Wow! Talk about weird. Sigh,"

Everyone started gazing at me. Before, they were just staring, now they're gazing. It's different. Gazing is much more intimidating, and scary. Mr. Bronzy's face changed too. It looked a bit unpleasant than before. Out of the blue, Mr. Bronzy drew his bronze sword and slashed in my direction. Was there something on my shirt that he hated so much he had to tear it to pieces? or was I just in the way of his real target? Is this guy for real? He might hurt me. Or even worse, kill me. Anyway, I had to do something to get out of his way so that he doesn't miss his real target. I took a sidestep to the left, and the sword just passed me with a paper thin margin.

"Hmm..?" I blurted. I don't know why, but everyone's facial expression changed from bad to ugly. But it was like a really puzzled look. What did I do?

"He dodged Kruez's slash!" someone shouted. Then the situation turned ugly. Everyone was murmuring about some kind of stuff. I heard something like "How did he do that?" and "Who is that guy?" Are they talking about me? Wait a minute. Slash? Dodge? It's just like in a real battle. But why in this place? I don't see anyone fighting. Or maybe---

"Take this! DAMN YOU!" Mr. Bronzy cracked. He executed another slash. Based on the direction of his slash, it was from my right shoulder down to my left knee. This time I was ready. I did a side-flip to the left, evading his assault. I really hate fights, but somehow everybody likes to pick fights with me. Maybe I have this so-called aura that makes people feel like picking fights with me. Haha. Just kidding.

Mr. Bronzy regained his balance and charged towards me. I thought it was kind of stupid to charge into someone like that, without even identifying his weak spots or so. I carved a sinister smile. My blood was pumping. Adrenaline rushed rapidly throughout my body. This thrill, this sensation, this feeling. Yes, it was the same time when I crossed swords with the Crimson Hound. That was the last time I crossed swords with anyone. I reached my blade, and unsheathed it, Ittou-Ryu Style (One-Sword Style).

My weapon was a Japanese katana carved with dragon patterns on the hilt. The hilt was dark blue in color. As Mr. Bronzy charged in, I took a sidestep to the right and executed a wide slash from the left to the right. As I expected, he managed to block it with his sword. "So, your quite skilled, stranger." he beamed. Wasn't that supposed to be my line? Whatever. From then onwards, the fight was a serious one. He was on the offense while I was on the defense. I didn't want to be on the offense. It could be fatal.

"Look! He's smiling!" a person from the crowd shouted. He was probably talking about me. The truth is, I loved battles more than anyone. It was my flesh.

In a flash, everything ended. My sword was stained with blood. Mr. Bronzy? Well, now I think I should call him Mr. Reddy. He was down on the floor, blood flowing from his arms and legs. He was still breathing. Well, of course. I wouldn't kill small fries. It would dishonor this sword of mine. Everyone still stared at me. Out of the blue, a knife came flying towards my face. I simply dodged it with just a simple head movement. Cheap tricks won't work against me.

The men in the bar looked pretty unpleased of what I did to Mr. Reddy. Then, all of them started charging at me. It wasn't a good idea to fight in such a small place. I ran outside to the streets to get more space. The ugly men were a lot more in numbers than I expected. I was surrounded. In times like these, the best chance they've got was to attack me simultaneously while finding any openings. Wait a minute! This was supposed to be their strategy, not mine. Sigh...

"I'll kill you, stranger!" an angry man shouted while charging at me. Before he could even take three steps from his original position, I was already beside him. That's one down. Talking about battle strategies, when you are surrounded, it's best you don't wait for them to attack you. Instead, you hunt them down first.

I dashed and slashed from person to person, while dodging all of their attacks. They were an angry mob, so it was easy to dodge their attacks, and they also had a high killing intent, which made it much easier dodging. After a minute, everything came to a stop. There was only one person standing. He must be quite strong, to be the only one standing in the middle of fallen men. I knew that man. Yes, I knew him. It was me, Justin.

To be continued.....

How do you like it? I can't really comment on my own story. So, it's up to you readers to comment my story, whether it's good or not or what I can do to improve it. Please comment! Arigatou gozaimas! (=


  1. ohoi~ kerek gle main char. die cam writer die je hahaha lol :P
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  2. erm...bagus, it's preety good when u make the fantasy become real....