Monday, May 16, 2011

The Mirror Looks At Itself, Not Others...

This was written by a top criminal in a letter, a criminal that was classified as the Cop Killer, a very dangerous criminal that WILL kill at the drop of a feather, and his name was "Two Gun Crowley". Probably because he used dual guns as his primary weapon. Like the one in Counter Strike where you could buy it with $1000 cash money.

Yes, this top criminal WILL kill. Maybe it was his hobby. I'm just guessing. LOL. Let me fill you in with a story about this criminal.

One night, he was having a necking party on a country road with his girlfriend (even criminals have girlfriends). If you were wondering how they partied on the road, I was too. They were actually partying in a CAR. SO, a policeman came by and said "Your license, please?" Crowley was silent. He drew his gun out and gave the policeman a shower of lead. That's so generous of him. LOL. The policeman fell down (well, of course) and Crowley came out of his car. Crowley took the policeman's rifle and tested it out on the owner itself. Murder. A murder without reason. Criminal? Crowley.

SO, let's backtrack to the sentence that Crowley wrote in a letter of his. It was written before he was caught red handed by the police. Can you believe what he wrote? He actually had a kind heart? He would do nobody any harm? Can you believe that crap?? Nonsense. He killed without hesitation, and without reason. Yes, although he was a serious bad-ass, he didn't blame himself for it. He was 100% sure he wasn't at any fault. Can you believe such a human exists??

Yes, such a human does exist.

And you are one of them. (LOL. Just kidding) =D

* * *

Have you ever experienced a time when you were in a serious mess, (meaning you and your friends did some trouble and your teacher scolded you guys for it =D) and when the teacher asked you who was the one who did it, you pointed your finger to the friend on your left, and your friend on your left pointed to the one on the left, and continuously until the unlucky fellow on the left end? Ever experienced that? If you have (I can tell that you have, so no use lying), that means your just like this Crowley guy. The only difference is you don't know how to use a gun. LOL. Blaming others for their own doing. That's what humans are. We are never at fault, but it is always someone else at fault.

Not only regular citizens like to blame others, even political leaders love it. Yes, it's fun, because you are never wrong. You are forever right, no matter what you do.

So, do you think this is a good quality for a human to have?

Maybe some people will say "Of course!" because they are actually doing it, and benefiting from it while others despair.

Well, it's NOT a good quality for a human being to have.

Here's a good tip for us people who just love social websites :

Before posting something, think about a few things first, like "Will this post hurt anyone?", "Is this really relevant to be posted?", "Won't this post just make me look immature?" or " Am I posting this because of anger towards someone?"

Okay, let me get this straight. Posting on anger is something so very immature.

Sometimes I see posts like "Nape la org ni x matang2? Ak bengang btol. Asek ak je yg na kne jage ati die. Die tu lgsg ta jge ati ak. Ingat ak ni robot ke? Gi mampos la ko!"

Well, I don't want to LOL, but this is VERY funny. Saying other people aren't immature, but they also are immature. To post something like that. Sigh. No comment.

If you actually WANT to show your immatureness, go ahead and post something like that.

If you actually WANT to release your anger into words and show your immatureness, go ahead.

If you actually WANT to hurt someone in your post, I can't stop you.

This post(wow, it's actually a post too) of mine is my opinion on human relationship. Not that girlfriend boyfriend relationship (Well, I'd love to have a girlfriend. LOL), but it's more to how to be cool with anyone you meet.

Continue, before commenting or posting, think first. Is it really that guy's fault? Or is it mine? There's always a probability that we are at fault, instead of someone else, even though we think it is that someone else's fault.

This is just what I'd like to share. I'm not saying I'm perfect. Even I might post immature and irrelevant stuff. I'm a human after all. Even I might blame others. I'm a human.

Lesson Of The Day


I hope this advice is helpful to all those who are willing to read. Thanks a bunch for reading. Arigtou gozaimasu! =D


  1. hey afifff...
    at last you wrote something worth to ponder...haha.kidding.( i thought first before posting this

  2. the posts before weren't worth to ponder yeh?ha2..thx anyway..